Real Name: Mikaeus Vako
Known Aliases: Eclipse
Occupation: Vigilante
Affiliations: None
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: None
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 180 lbs
Status: Active
Player: Ian Kellogg

Mikaeus began to show signs of psychic ability at the age of 6. Born in Serbia to wealthy parents, the young mind-reader was given every opportunity to study and perfect his gifts. Sadly, both his parents were killed in an explosion, ostensibly a gas leak, while Mikaeus was away with his tutor for a weekend in Belgrade. Very abruptly the boy found himself in the care of his teacher, Zoran Yurech. Mikaeus was 11.

During the next ten years Zoran and Mikaeus traveled across Europe. Zoran tried to hide the truth from his student, but eventual Mikaeus pulled the thoughts from his mind – they were running. A powerful organization called the League of Assassins wanted the young psychic, and throughout encounters with them Mikaeus learned the truth about his parents – they were crime lords, made rich through illegal arms dealing and human trafficking. Zoran insisted that despite their deeds they loved their son more than life itself. Mikaeus was unconvinced, and grew cold and distant towards his mentor. Nevertheless, he applied himself to the skills Zoran taught him and learned quickly.

No matter what Mikaeus thought of his parents, the League of Assassins still pursued him, and it was only a matter of time before they made a mistake. Zoran was captured, and the assassins planned to use him to lure the young man from hiding. They never got the chance. Zoran committed suicide before the trap could be set, and Mikaeus killed one of the members of the League. Now marked for death, and completely alone, Mikaeus was approached by a representative from a clandestine organization called Checkmate, offering protection in return for his services. At the end of his rope and with no one to turn to, the young man acquiesced and began his career as an interrogator.

For five years Checkmate used the young man’s power to pluck secrets from prisoner’s minds. He became a prized asset and helped bring in some of Checkmate’s greatest trophies. Vako disliked Checkmate, and remained with them only under the threat of his location being revealed to the League. The black ops he was forced to perform further embittered him. It seemed there was no place in the world free from the reach of corruption and malevolence.

Mikaeus traveled to America and eventually made his way to Metropolis. Superman faced Vako’s team, and for the first time the young man saw the face of true heroism. He betrayed his shrouded masters and helped Kal El bring down the Metropolis branch of the organization. Clark Kent still didn’t fully trust Vako, but put him in touch with the Batman in Gotham City.

During his time in Gotham, Vako met Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. The two of them crossed guns and fought repeatedly, but for some reason, each time they were presented with an opportunity to kill each other, they refrained. When a Checkmate operative tracked Mikaeus down, Deadshot laid a false trail for the assassin that led to Star City. The two have a strange, competitive relationship, almost as if the first to die wins. That said, they are still enemies.

Mikaeus joins Bruce Wayne’s new vigilante team as Eclipse, lending his marksmanship and psychic abilities to the cause. He is a master of stealth, and will usually operate as backup for frontline heroes.


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