It all began with one man’s death.

Five years ago, Brainiac attacked and killed Hal Jordan, and in doing so he corrupted and stole the green power ring. Immediately following this, Brainiac made his move on Metropolis. Superman immediately moved to the city’s defense, but had not been expecting Brainiac to have gained the new power he had. Finding himself suddenly outmatched, the Man of Steel was put on the defensive, but was quickly trapped in the city as Brainiac created a lantern construct dome around the entirety of Metropolis. So great was his force of will that Superman could not break it. In one swift move, Brainiac collapsed the dome, crushing the entire city, its citizens, and Superman himself. Trapped within Brainiac’s construct, the Man of Steel was crushed by the sheer force of Brainiac’s will. Superman, along with the vast majority of Metropolis’ citizens, was dead.

Moving to target the next greatest viable threat, Brainiac left earth to make his move against Darkseid by launching a full-scale assault on the planet Apokolips. Darkseid, unsure of his ability to successfully combat such a threat, coerced the assistance of the Sinestro Corps to help defend his planet. Ultimately, however, Brainiac was too powerful for all of their combined might. The planet Apokolips was destroyed as were Darkseid’s armies. Darkseid himself was banished to the Phantom Zone, while Sinestro fled with the paltry remnants of his corps.

What followed was a long series of small skirmishes between Brainiac and Sinestro that led Brainiac to the Green Lantern Corps homeworld of Oa. Sinestro had hoped that the power of the Green Lanterns would be enough to stop Brainiac’s considerable might. However, the battle of Oa proved otherwise. Brainiac decimated the vast majority of the Corps. The only small victory was that, in a surprising act of selflessness, Sinestro sacrificed his own life to destroy the green power ring that Brainiac had acquired. With him, the Sinestro Corps was destroyed, and Sinestro’s own ring was the only yellow power ring remaining intact in the galaxy.

After licking his wounds, Brainiac moved to target the next major threats on his list: The Justice League. However, when he returned to Earth he found that mankind’s two greatest minds had been working together to find a way to stop him. Batman and Lex Luthor had put their differences aside and worked together to combat the threat of Brainiac. Together, they had found a way to disrupt Brainiac’s control of his soldiers, and with the aid of the Justice League managed to thwart Brainiac’s assault. The cost in lives was high, and casualties included the Flash, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Aquaman and many others. However, within Brainiac’s flagship, Lex Luthor himself, aided by Batman, delivered the final blow that at last killed Brainiac. However, they too paid a price for their victory. Too many of Batman’s bones were broken for him to continue as Gotham’s defender, and has not been seen or heard from since Brainiac’s death. Luthor sustained serious spine damage that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down, leaving him locked in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

And it’s all gone downhill from there, particularly in the place where darkness has a new meaning: Gotham City. Bereft of it’s caped crusader, Nightwing and Tim Drake tried desperately to handle the growing chaos. However, both of them were swiftly killed by the man who would then replace them as Gotham’s “Defender”: The Red Hood. Since their deaths, Red Hood has enacted a policy of brutal and violent retribution against Gotham’s criminal underworld, bypassing the system and killing those who stand in his way. Bane, Killer Croc, Black Mask, Hush, and Harley Quinn and more have all been confirmed to have been killed by this madman. However, despite his crackdown, Gotham is worse than ever before. Various crime lords have established vast tracts of Gotham’s districts as their own turf, and nothing seems to be able to stop them. The city is on the brink of ruin and collapse, and something drastic must be done to save Gotham from destruction.

And all the while, something festers within the heart of the world. What is left of the Justice League is rebuilding and regrouping, but a great shadow is growing on the fringes our sight. Just out of reach, something is coming, and it will shake the world to its core yet again.

Will you be enough to stem the tide of chaos and madness that festers in the heart of Gotham City? Will you find the truths behind the questions that remain unanswered by the world? And when the cards are all on the table, will you become the heroes that the world needs to save it?

DC Universe: After the Fall

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