Hidden away in the Bermuda Triangle is an island paradise called Themyscira. Its namesake was the city-state of the Amazons in Ancient Greece. These warrior-women were the creations and chosen people of the Olympian goddesses, intended to teach peace and understanding. After their defeat at the hands of the demigod Hercules, the Amazons abandoned their teachers, seeking vengeance. As penance, Queen Hippolyta led the remaining Amazons to a distant island, where they became guardians of “Doom’s Doorway,” a sealed passage into Tartarus, a netherworld where various creatures of myth are imprisoned.

Not long after, Hercules – at the behest of his father, the War-God Ares – attacked the Amazons at Themyscira in an attempt to seize the power of the doorway. On this battlefield, however, Hippolyta slew Hercules and defeated his forces, and even managed to best Ares himself when he arrived on the field of battle to avenge his son. For his betrayal of Olympus, Ares was imprisoned within Doom’s Doorway, and the Amazons have guarded his prison ever since.

Since the creation of Hippolyta’s daughter, Diana (known in Patriarch’s World as Wonder Woman), the Amazons have sought to reclaim their mission to teach peace, love, and understanding to the peoples of the world. Themyscira is a tropical paradise, protected by the gods and home to the Amazons as well as abundant wildlife and a number of mythical creatures. It has been over two years since anyone has been able to go to Themyscira, and nobody has heard any word of its safety. Wonder Woman was known to have been on the island when it went dark, and she likewise has not been heard from. As it stands, the fate of Themyscira remains a mystery.


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