Sionis Industries

Arkham city sionis industries

City: Gotham City

Built by the crime boss Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, Sionis Industries is a massive network of factories, smelting facilities and forgeworks that spans a large stretch of Gotham Bay. Black Mask constructed the industrial network in order to provide both a constant stream of reliable income and a secure and private base of operations from which he could run his mob. With the funds and protection offered by the sprawling Sionis Industries, Roman Sionis soon found himself as one of Gotham’s wealthiest businessmen.

However, after the Brainiac War things started going badly for Black Mask. Even though Batman was no longer operating openly, his criminal endeavors were being more openly countered by more unstable and violent criminal leaders in Gotham City, namely The Joker and Two-Face. It was the latter of those two who ended up breaking Sionis in the best way he could – by efficiently destroying Sionis’ money. Without the funds to perform necessary upkeep, Sionis Industries fell into gross disrepair. By the time Black Mask was killed by the Red Hood, Sionis Industries was just so much urban wasteland, a stretch of rusting steel and collapsing factories. With so much money being taken from the city to build New Metropolis, Gotham has simply been unable to afford to renovate the area.

Two-Face claimed the territory as his own for a time, but it was recently claimed by the newcomer Abaddon after a bloody showdown between the two that resulted in Dent’s death. Since then, Abaddon and his ally Mr. Freeze have built up their gang, the Ninth Circle, and refitted some of the factories and facilities in the area, using the resources there to fuel their violent bid for control of the entire city.

Sionis Industries

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