Ninth Circle

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Leader: Abaddon
Headquarters: Sionis Industries

Known Affiliates
Mr. Freeze

The Ninth Circle is the newest criminal organization to come to Gotham City. Led by mechanically enhanced supervillain Abaddon, the Ninth Circle is half terrorist organization half demonic techno-cult. While the cult’s numbers are relatively small, they have access to a terrifyingly powerful array of advanced technology including laser weaponry, cybernetic enhancement and full robotics. They are focused and precise in their methods of destruction, and their actions all seem connected in part of a twisted pattern that only Abaddon himself seems to fully comprehend.

With relatively strong connections to the occult, rumors abound that somewhere within the depths of Sionis Industries that there are alchemical experiments pertaining to opening portals to other earths or even farther planes. While no extradimensional threats have appeared in Gotham City since the gang’s formation, the people of Gotham are all holding their breath for the gang’s next big move.

Ninth Circle

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