Luthor Tower

290px lexcorp tower

City: New Metropolis

Standing at the center of New Metropolis and serving as its tallest building, Luthor Tower is the highly advanced new executive office center of Luthorcorp, a multibillion dollar mega-corporation run by reformed supervillain Lex Luthor.

While Luthor Tower does hold sufficient office space and materials to serve as the executive headquarters for such a large corporation, it also houses the extensive training and educational facilities of the Lex Luthor Academy for Metahumans, which trains many of the world’s new heroes. As it holds such numerous important facilities, Luthor Tower is one of the most tightly protected buildings in New Metropolis, if not the entire United States. With advanced automated security drones, retinal-secured blast doors and an all-pervasive yet entirely innocuous surveillance system, Luthor Tower is a nigh-impenetrable fortress.

Rumors abound, of course, that another reason for the exceptionally tight security is that Lex Luthor has not entirely reformed, and that he his keeping several dark secrets in the depths of Luthor Tower. However, these rumors to date have gone entirely unsubstantiated, and Lex has proven very cooperative with both conventianal law enforcement and investigations by the Justice League.

Luthor Tower

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