Iceberg Lounge

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City: Gotham City

The Iceberg Lounge opened about 20 years ago after Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin purchased the property with the last of his money while moving back to Gotham City after spending many years in Oxford. Built to be the classiest, most glamorous nightclub in Gotham City, Cobblepot spent over six million on the property and furnishings. On its opening night, it attracted the finest men and women of Gotham’s high life… and the darkest souls of its underworld. The Joker himself arrived at the Lounge’s opening gala, and within the first fifteen minutes killed six patrons and a waitress. From that night forward, the Iceberg Lounge earned the reputation of being Gotham’s best – and most dangerous – place to go in Gotham’s nightlife.

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Iceberg Lounge

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