Lex Luthor

"With my lifelong goal taken away with Superman's death, I needed something new to redefine my existence. I chose to teach."


Real Name: Alexander Joseph Luthor
Known Aliases: None
Occupation: CEO, Philanthropist, Professor, Former President, Retired Criminal Mastermind
Affiliations: Lex Luthor Academy for Metahumans
Based In: New Metropolis
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Height: 6’2" standing, 3’11" in wheelchair
Weight: 210 lbs
Status: Retired


There is no man living who bears such fame and infamy as Lex Luthor.

Prodigal son of the Luthor family, Lex grew up in a very similar environment as his counterpart Bruce Wayne. He wanted for nothing, surrounded by nearly boundless wealth and opportunity. However, unlike Bruce Wayne, he lacked any semblance of affection from his parents, and grew up entirely relying on his own devices, often at odds with his father. Lex learned from a young age that power was the only thing that mattered in his world, and he grew up believing that he needed to accumulate as much power as possible, no matter the cost.

As a young man, now CEO of the powerhouse Lexcorp company, Lex expanded his power base by experimenting on metahumans with the cold eye of a sociopath. It was these activities that first brought him to the attention of Superman, then the world’s greatest hero. This spawned what would become one of the world’s most heated rivalries, as Lex both envied and hated everything that Superman was. Secretly, Lex wanted nothing more than to take his place in every way – powerful, respected, adored. However, he lacked the compassion and kind heart to be the hero that Superman was, and so dedicated his life to tearing the man of steel down, obsessed with destroying him.

And then… Superman died.

Lex was unsure what to do. He felt adrift and at a loss, his one driving goal finished by another, leaving a profound emptiness in Luthor’s soul. His enemy was defeated, but he was still seen as a villain. Until Batman came to him with an offer – redemption.

Luthor wanted to protect the world, and Brainiac still posed a dire threat. With the aid of Batman, he could become the savior that he had always secretly wanted to be – and together, that is exactly what they were. Side by side, Batman and Luthor laid a deadly trap for Brainiac when he returned to earth, and Luthor himself delivered the blow that destroyed the A.I. once and for all, though he sacrificed his ability to stand and walk to do so.

Now seen as a hero, the man who saved the world from Brainiac, Luthor found peace. Since his battle against the A.I., Luthor has formed an academy for metahumans and vigilantes alike, more would-be heroes lacking the training or funding to make a difference on their own. It seems that the world’s greatest villain has turned over a new leaf at last.

Lex Luthor

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